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Laszlo was able to repair two pieces that my grandfather brought home from Africa during World War 2: an ivory elephant with a broken trunk and a set of ebony mother/baby birds with a broken leg. These pieces had broken during my many moves, and I was not able to repair them myself. I’m so happy to have found Laszlo. I’m very pleased with the work he did and I would definitely use his services again. Thank you Laszlo!

Diane E.

Seattle, WA

I brought my alabaster statue to Laszlo in many pieces that were covered with old, yellow glue. It had been in our family for decades, and sat broken for many years. Other antique repair shops around Seattle told me they could not fix it, but Laszlo said he would. He returned my statue to me, not only in one piece and standing upright but beautifully restored. It is just as I remember it when I was a little girl. Laszlo is patient, talented and easy to work with. I am so happy with the work he has done.

Laura R.

Seattle, WA

It was during a Christmas Eve celebration when my sister was twirling around showing off her new fur coat that my Italian umbrella stand was knocked to the ground. With great trepidation, I emailed Mr Laszlo Jajczay photos of my shattered prized antique. I was convinced that it was beyond repair. To my surprise, he emailed back and we arranged to meet. After assessing the damage, he explained with a a professional and calm demeanor, that he could in fact restore the stand. I was thrilled. He gave me a quote and I left the umbrella stand in his capable hands.

After the job was completed, I was floored by the fantastic job he did. Unbelievable. There were SO many pieces that he had to fill in and paint. If I didn't have the "before" pictures to prove that it was indeed shattered into many pieces, I would have never known it was broken.

The talent and skill Mr Laszlo Jajczay has to restore damaged goods is very rare. Besides being very conscientious, fair and true-to-his-word, his workmanship is admirable, exceptional and beyond first-rate. He not only finished the project in a timely and thorough manner, he held true to the quote he gave me at the assessment. It was a flawless repair.

I give my highest recommendation of Mr Laszlo Jajczay and Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services. He is a very gifted art conservator. The word "restoration" is synonymous with rebuild, repair and renew. I would like to add one more word (or two) that applied to his end-result restorations, "—BRAND NEW!"

Celeste B.

Seattle, WA

Laszlo has done two brilliant jobs for us. He glued back together a 2000-year old Roman amphora that fell and shattered into dozens of pieces. He painstakingly fit each shard back into place and it now stands proudly in our dining room once again. He also restored a 60-year old painting (oil on wood) by a Spanish Basque artist that had been poorly stored in the back of a closet before I inherited it. It was scratched, dull and faded. He returned it two weeks later, the scratches covered up, the sheen restored, and the colors popping. I will always call Laszlo for any restorations of this kind.

T. Geist

Seattle, WA

One of our cats knocked a wooden duck sculpture off of the shelf and it broke in multiple places. The duck was very special to my girlfriend because it was one of the few remaining items she has from her deceased father. She was devastated. I found this site through Google search and read the great reviews. Laszlo was able to meet me shortly after contacting him and was also able to repair the duck in perfect time for me to surprise my girlfriend with it for Christmas. She was amazed and overjoyed. Laszlo did an excellent job with the repair. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for quality art restoration.

Mike and Kelly,

Seattle, WA

Laszlo was a great help to us when we discovered that a beloved family heirloom had significant damage and decay. He was prompt in both communication and work done and skilled in art I think few are anymore. Mostly, he was kind and comforting and he was gentle with our piece. We felt ourselves in very good hands.

Thank you,

Laurie F.

When a cherished 100-year-old bronze statue crashed onto the floor and broke in an obvious location, I was heartbroken. My husband quickly located Laszlo Jajczay who confidently and very capably saved the day.

Because we were driving from a long distance, Laszlo was flexible with meeting to collect the statue, which we appreciated. He clarified correct positioning of the limb that had broken and referred to an old photograph to be accurate in his repair. The repair was difficult because a good chunk of the broken arm was missing and he had to to fill that in somehow. I'll leave it to him to describe his technique. He kept us apprised of the anticipated cost and time requirement, and responded promptly and courteously to emails and phone calls.

When it came time to collect my prized possession, Laszlo carefully and tenderly demonstrated ho to carry it correctly, as it is old and although bronze, still fragile. He was kind enough to write out these instruction and advised about the structural integrity of the supporting base on pick-up day.

Laszlo completed the repair close to his estimate and the repair was really well done. The patina is the same as the original and while there is a very slight difference in texture to the nearby area, it is absolutely satisfactory to me and someone who didn't know about the break wouldn't be able to readily discern the are in question. He also had repaired an old fracture in another location, which is even less noticeable... amazing!

We hope we don't have any more cherished antiques that get broken, but we definitely know who we'd call in the future if we did! It was a pleasure dealing with Laszlo Jajczay and we highly recommend his art restoration services! Thank you, Laszlo!

Chris & Andrea S.

Olympia, WA

Hi Laszlo,

I am very pleased with the restoration work that Laszlo did on my late mother's footlocker. That chest was made by my grandfather about 100 years ago. Unfortunately some water marks had spoiled the top of the chest. Laszlo refinished the top door on the chest. He did a fantastic job! The watermarks were removed and the top refinished. There is no discernible difference between the restoration and the original finish on the rest of the chest. Thank you again Laszlo.

George M.

Laszlo Jajczay of Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services restored two items for us. We had a very expensive English antique porcelain Urn that had large pieces broken off and the parts were missing. The missing pieces were fabricated, and the very detailed decoration was recreated. It is impossible to tell the Urn was restored.

Our Dutch Antique oil landscape painting had several condition issues that needed repair. The painting started flaking and in some of the areas the paint was missing. The flakings were reattached, and the missing area was retouched to match perfectly the rest of the painting. Laszlo cleaned and varnished the painting as well.

We were very happy with the restoration work, Mr Jajczay is a true professional and we would highly recommend him.

Ana R.
Seattle, WA

I had Laszlo clean a German oil painting for me. He did a great job in a timely fashion. Also, once he started the work he found that it would take less time then he originally estimated so he adjusted the price accordingly. This fairness add to the already good experience I had with Laszlo.

Cynthia W.


I wanted to send you a note to say what a great job you did on my grandfather's painting! Even though its value is only sentimental you treated as if it were in a museum!


Dear Laszlo,

I wanted to thank you again for the repair of our antique Chinese clay horse. Your repair work is beautiful —the borken head has been restored and the repair is completely "seamless' —without any damage to the original finish of the horse. You were even able to "replace" the missing chip. We appreciate your attention to detail and tine craftsmanship -almost impossible to find these days.

Best Regards,

Janet and Drew T.


After getting my Bronze positioned at home, I'm looking at the excellent work you've done in the reparation of the piece. It is so beautiful that there is no indication that it was ever damaged. You've done a magnificent job, hoping I don't have any art issues in the future, but if I do, You'll be the first person I call.

Thank you very much,

Jim S.

Laszlo Jajczay took my antique bronze vase, which had broken in half, and was able to restore it beautifully. I can't even tell it was ever broken! And he did it affordable and within the time frame promised.

Anson L.

We recently had a porcelain figurine restored and the results were fantastic!

It is impossible to tell that there was ever any damage... We highly recommend this company and would refer anyone looking for a timely, reasonable and professional experience to use his services.

Tom & Karen B.

I recently had Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services repair a broken antique German Pottery vase, an item that has been in my family for many generations.

Laszlo did a thorough and efficient job of assessing the vase, providing a reasonable quote and explaining specifically what work was necessary to fix it. He proceeded to professionally repair the vase in a timely fashion so it looked like new. He has an obvious passion for his craft and I would highly recommend him without reservation. Thanks Laszlo for doing such a great job!


Rich B.

Dear Laszlo,

Thank you so much for your restoration of the oval picture that hung in my grandparent's home when I was growing up. I received it in very fragile condition and we were concerned about the convex glass falling out and breaking. This piece is probably from the early 1900's and we wanted it kept in the family.

You did wonderful work on restoring the frame as well as touching up the scuffs on the gold paint so we can no hang it in our home.

We appreciate your fine work and will certainly recommend you to others.


Marilyn S.
Bothell, WA

This is to thank you, Mr. Jajczay, for the beautiful and meticulous work that you performed in the repair and restoration of my very old figurine that had been badly broken by some careless movers. Is is nearly impossible to see the areas where there was a problem. The care and genuine interest you took in rendering this beautiful piece of art almost back to it's original conditions is very rare. Please feel free to use me as a reference should you ever need one.


Kathryn E. U.

When our cat knocked Mary's favorite large pottery sculpture to the floor, smashing the figure into a hundred pieces, we were heartbroken. Mary shoveled the pieces into a cardboard box and stored it away in the garage. Unbeknown to me (and Laszlo), she kept he smaller pieces in a separate storage bag. My plan was to attempt to repair the piece myself once I retired and had the time to do it. That was ten years ago, and I'm still unretired.

Then I stumbled across Laszlo's website and read the testimonials offered, thinking to myself that this would make a nice surprise late birthday gift for mary. And get me off the hook.

So I drove down to Seattle to meet Laszlo with the box containing only the major pieces of the figure, but explaining to Laszlo that this was 100% of the piece. How were we to know that much was missing?

A while later, I inscribed on Mary's birthday card that her favorite sculpture was about to be re-created. By that time Laszlo had gotten into the work far enough that he realized the scope of the project was greater than he expected, which coincided with Mary's revelation that she was keeping a second bag with the smaller pieces. I quickly e-mailed to inform Laszlo that there were indeed more pieces to his puzzle, but was told he didn't need them and had been able to restore the piece to perfection without the missing pieces.

In spite o the additional work required, Laszlo finished the work on a schedule and stuck with his agreed price. And the work is magnificent - completely restored to its original glory, with no visible signs of repair. Thank you Laszlo!

Dave R.

I enthusiastically recommend Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services. Laszlo Jajczay is great from start to finish. He's direct and honest about what should be done, and what is not worth the effort or cost. His prices are extremely competitive. He completes when he says he will. And he is cheerful in the process. He restored paintings created by my great grandmother and great aunt about 85 years ago that are beloved to me, and he did a wonderful job. He is definitely professional and easy to work with.

Alinda P.

I had an old mirror from my mother which needed restoration. There were cracks, chips, with some improvized pieces and screws placed in the back to hold the mirror steady. I contacted Laszlo Jajczay who is an appraiser and an experienced restorer. He was knowledgeable about the mirror's background and told me what I had was a Federal style gilded bull's eye mirror with eagle. Laszlo did a good job restoring the mirror making it look like the nice antique piece that it is.

Wilhelmina A.


Thank you so much for restoring the duck and lid ceramics. I am very pleased!


Jeanne B.

Thank you so, so much Laszlo for repairing our family's antique italian marble statue! The piece has been in our family for generations; I appreciated how much care, thoughtfulness and skill you put into repairing it. I was hesitant to leave it in anyone's care and after our consultation meeting felt completely at ease and thankful we found you! we are so grateful to be able to enjoy the beauty and sentiment of our marble piece once again ~ you are THE best!!

With respect,

Amy and Wesley W.


Thank you for the fine work restoring my painting to its place of beauty and enjoyment in my home.

The quality of your work is reflected in the treatment of your clients and their concerns.

Fine work from a fine gentleman.


Patrick T.


Thank you so much for the wonderful restoration you did on my bronze rooster. You cannot even tell that it was damaged. Your work is fantastic.

Thanks again,

Leon W.

Dear Mr Jajczay,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful restoration job you did on our Buddhist Monk Oil painting. It was 40 years old, purchased from the artist and had no protective coating. I can't see any of the spots that you restored and the colors are more vibrant wit the clear varnish coating you added.

We are looking forward to the completion of the restoration work on my great grandmother's burl tilt top dining table. It has been well used over the years. I do want it to look nice in my home but trust you to preserve it's antique value.

We will have several more projects in the coming months.


Barbara H.

Dear Laszlo,

I am so pleased to have my pieces restored! You did a wonderful job and the repair is not noticeable at all. This piece of pottery is a one of a kind and a favorite of mine, so I am so happy to have it back to it's "original" condition. As for the Majolica container I love it and its suits my decor. I shopped around and could not find one that I liked as much. So I am so pleased to have the handle repaired so perfectly.

I would certainly recommend your services and would contact you if such a need should arise in the future.

Toni F.

Dear Laszlo,

Thank you for the superb restoration job. You were very attentive to detail. The piece of Jerusalem pottery from our trip to Israel looks like brand new. It has much sentimental value, so we are very grateful for the hard work. And the antique vase was a complicated piece of work. We appreciate your initiative to figure out a solution to the missing pieces. Than you again for your work. We would recommend you highly.

April and Jay S.

Laszlo Jajczay of Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services did some restoration on my 1905 antique Columbia Disc Graphophone. I appreciate the special care to restore my Graphophone. When I picked it up the outcome was much nicer than I anticipated.

I would recommend his restoration services!

William S.

Dear Laszlo,

When Mom got sick and decided to mail our family heirlooms to me it was heartbreaking to open the box and see my great-great grandmothers hand painted tea cups in pieces. After searching for and visiting several restoration services, it was easy for me to choose you. When I explained that I just wanted the cups glued back together not restored because the broken lines were now just another part of my family history you understood and carefully explained what you could do and what I could expect. I didn't think I could be any happier until we talked about your rates. You are an artist doing something I could never have done at a very fair price. Although I do hope not to need your services again I am forever grateful to your because now I can pass down the entire tea set to my daughter and her to hers and so on. Thank you again for everything!

Judy C.

Dear Laszlo,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did restoring our 1900's antique mahogany drop leaf table. We didn't quite know what to expect considering the amount of damage the table had incurred - and the unknown nature of the previous processes that had been unsuccessfully used on it.

True to your word, you dramatically improved the condition of the table. In a few short hours you not only fixed what was wrong, but also reworked the surface so that we now have a table that is very usable - and that we are also proud to display.

I highly recommend your professional manner, complete honesty, and thorough methods to anyone seeking antique restoration.

Thanks, again, I look forward to working with your in the future.

Larry K.

Dear Laszlo,

Thank you so much for repairing my wife's antique marble boat carving. The piece has super sentimental value and can never be replaced. When it was broken my wife was very sad and thought it would never be repaired. You did a super job on the repair, she couldn't even tell where it was broken. You would have to have a microscope to see the repair. Thank you again and you have really made my wife happy. I would recommend Seattle Decorative Art Restoration to anybody that needs fine art repaired. Laszlo... you are the best in town. Keep up the good work!


Greg D. (and my wife Lesley!)

To Whom it May Concern,

Laszlo Jajczay of Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services, LLC restored three items for us. All three required good judgment and careful delicate work. ALL three were done tastefully and beautifully. These were challenges well met.

We would recommend him and his work to all, highly.

Jens B.

Dear Mr. Jajczay,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a masterful repair job of a family treasure. My father purchased an antique sculpture of Rabbi Klass for my grandmother in the mid-century. Upon her passing he took possession of the large, and painted piece. After several encounters with earthquakes in Los Angeles, and one here in Seattle, our Rabbi had shown quite a bit of damage.

But as a result of your skills, no one would be able to see it. This I know, as I first saw the sculpture when it was first purchased. I am absolutely thrilled with your work!


Leslie J.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my highest recommendation for Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services. I recently used Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services for a few different pieces that needed repair. Not only was the workmanship of a superior quality, but the timeliness of the job and the openness of communication was exemplarily.

I contracted with Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services to repair a couple of gold gilt frames that had chunks missing; Laszlo replaced the pieces and painted the areas to match the existing gold color. I cannot tell where the area is on these two items that he repaired. In addition, I have an extremely old oil painting that had a significant tear. As the painting was a piece from my Father’s estate, I was anxious as to having it restored. The repair is remarkable: Laszlo repaired the hole, cleaned the painting, and painted in the background to match.

I have known Laszlo professionally for the past 20 years. He has a very solid work ethic, and is proud of what he does. I highly recommend Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services and Laszlo to take on your project.

Should you need any additional information from me regarding the workmanship of Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Laura B.

To Who It May Concern,

I have hired Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services to restore an antique Russian lacquer box.

This antique box was given to me by my parents several years ago. Unfortunately my child knocked it off the shelf while looking for jewelry and chipped the lid.

Laszlo Jajczay was able to match the paint and repair the chipped corner of the box’s lid to my satisfaction. I was not able to find the repaired spot.

I would recommend Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services!

Donna E.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this sin regard to Laszlo Jajczay and his work. Laszlo runs a business called Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services, based here in Seattle. He recently restored a porcelain basket of mind that had a broken piece on it and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him.

Eva S.

Dear Laszlo,

Thank you, thank you, for such prompt turn around on the quality repairs to my grandmother’s antique sideboard. My daughter’s puppy did much too good a job chewing off the corner of the base platform. I was concerned that it couldn't be fixed to ever be a valued antique again.

You did a terrific job rebuilding the straight and curved planes of the base and it looks great! Now that the puppy is a grown dog, he doesn't’t chew anything except his own toys, so we can put the sideboard back to its use.

Based on the other work of yours that I have seen, I have also been giving my friends your name and the number with that wonderful Before/After photo of the antique bull. All are impressed by the bull and I’m sure they will keep your card handy for whatever repairs they may need.

Good luck on expanding your business by offering appraisals. Your training and experience will keep you busy, I hope, and certainly appreciate by your clients.


Townley S.

Dear Antique Furniture Friend,

We have had the good fortune of knowing Mr. Laszlo Jajczay for nearly five years. During that time, we know him to be consistently cheerful, knowledgeable and respectful in all his interactions. He has over 20 years of experience in antique handling and restoration. His skill and passion for the fine antique furnishings is a nicely complimented by his work ethic sand demeanor.

We asked Mr. Jajczay to help us restore the veneer defects in tan antique chest of drawers. His work was fast, efficient and truly excellent. He has very flexible and accommodating to our scheduling needs.

Every time Mr. Jajczay comes to our home, he is courteous, respectful and self-sufficient.

If you are considering hiring Mr. Jajczay, your fine furniture and the antiques will be in excellent hands indeed.

Please feel free to call us if we can provide additional assistance.


Laura P.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Laszlo for over 15 years, during which time his dependable, meticulous, knowledgeable work and kind and thoughtful demeanor have continually impressed me.

Most recently, he resorted a shattered porcelain teapot for me, doing and excellent job and putting in even more time and effort than he charged me for when the work was finished. I have no reservation in recommending him.

Michael S.

To Whom It May Concern:

I hired Seattle Decorative Art Restoration Services to restore an Art-Deco gold guild framed mirror. All four corners were missing mouldings. Laszlo Jajczay created the missing mouldings matching perfectly the flower and leaf motives. My wife and I were very pleased and would hire him again.

D.S. Langdon

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